Looking Glass, Leicester 03/05/13

Looking Glass, Leicester 03/05/13

This is from about a year ago, found it on a cassette dictaphone usually used to capture song ideas. Must have fancied bustin’ this one out that day

Very quickly-recorded acoustic cover of ‘Hey Jealousy’ by Gin Blossoms

Disconnect My Brain, demo version (recorded 12/11/12)

Tiny Cinema

—Game Of Pricks (Guided By Voices cover)

Here’s a very quick cover of ‘Game Of Pricks’ by Guided By Voices that I recorded earlier tonight

Tiny Cinema - Sleeper Hit

betteropenthedoor asked: Hey man, just came across your stuff on here, its really good! just one question do you record everything yourself? :)

Thanks man, appreciate you checking it out :) Yeah, it’s all done in my spare room at home - not really ideal, space-wise, but it gets the job done…

New single 'Pressurised' out tomorrow

Good Friday, Good News: tomorrow I’ll be releasing the first in a series of free singles that will be coming out throughout the course of the year, leading up to the release of my second album, which I’m working on as we speak (more or less…)

Pretty simple theme: each single will feature a new original song backed with a cover version. The first single is called ‘Pressurised’ and comes with a cover of ‘Underground Queen’ by Jetplane Landing.

That’s about it! It drops tomorrow morning exclusively via my Bandcamp page (linked in the post title) and it’s a free download. Spread the love.

Thanks, Darren